Bike Shop in East London | Isambard's Vintage Bicycles
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Vintage Bike Shop in East London

A bicycle is many things to many people. It appeals to the pragmatist as well as to the dreamer, and serves as both tool and companion. A bicycle should make you feel good when you ride it – every kid knows that…!

Established in 2013, Isambard’s Cycles is a bicycle shop in London that specialises in selling refurbished, customised and affordable bicycles.

The shop was founded on the idea that a bicycle shop should be a place where all are welcome and every person and every bicycle is treated as an individual. We stand in direct opposition to the idea of a bicycle shop as a catalogue showroom, instead aspiring to an older, essentially more personal way of doing business. It is this ethos that keeps us poor, but keeps us hungry.



Isambard’s Cycles
145 Bethnal Green Road
London E2 7DG


07757 107357