Wheel build


A handbuilt set of high-quality wheels is often the single most important factor in improving the ride of any given bike.

We build wheels for many of the bikes we sell, as well as sets or singles to meet customers’ needs. We have a wide range of hubs and rims to choose from, including an array of reconditioned and new-old-stock vintage parts from the likes of Campagnolo, Maxicar, Mavic and Nisi for classic builds, but are equally happy building with the latest kit to suit a modern build and can supply and use parts from most modern manufacturers for the purpose.

We always use Sapim spokes in our wheels, with different models of spoke available to suit different purposes. Please feel free to get in touch for advice as to what wheel specification will best suit your needs, or for enquiries about availability and costs. Our labour cost is £30 per wheel.