classic frames

All of these frames can be built up in our workshop to your exact specifications. Frames are priced without headset/bottom bracket unless otherwise stated. If you have any questions or you need some advice, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help.





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Henry Burton Out of stock
Nigel Dean Out of stock
Rotrax Shirley Out of stock
Hobbs of Barbican Out of stock
Shorter race
£ 350.00
Ellis Briggs Out of stock
L'Hay Sports
£ 260.00
Maclean Featherweight
£ 370.00 £ 275.00
Sibbit Out of stock
Paul Donohue audax Out of stock
Ken Ryall
£ 260.00
Touring Condor Out of stock
E.G Bates
£ 300.00
Maclean Out of stock
Pearson tourer
£ 320.00
Raleight MTB Out of stock
(Not) 1940s 'Holdsworth'
£ 280.00 £ 180.00
Hill Special
£ 295.00
Flemming '50'
£ 240.00
Red Condor Out of stock
Merlin Out of stock
Harry Hall
£ 420.00